Friday, January 29, 2010

Praise Handmade Feature Form

I made a separate post since some people cant get to the form site. So you can fill out the form two ways, you can go to the form site and fill it out, or you can copy and paste this form below into an email and fill it out. Send that to praisehandmade [at] yahoo [.] com both are exactly the same, it all just depends on your preference.

Click here for the form.

Or copy and paste this into an email and fill it out, send to praisehandmade [at] yahoo [.] com :

Email address (Will never be shared):
Shop name:
Shop link:
Main product(s) (Jewelry etc):
Mini interview (Tell us a little about you in 400 characters or less):
Optional sale for readers: What and how to get (10% off etc):
Sale end date, no longer than 1 year:
Customer praise (3 quotes & the first name. Not needed if shop is Etsy or Artfire w. kudos: Ill get them):
Link to picture for FREE 75x75 ad slot (Runs week giveaway is live):
Where FREE ad should link to:
Giveaway info: What is the prize(s):
Giveaway info: Prize value(s):
Giveaway info: Link to item or photo of prize(s):
Giveaway info: How many winners:
Giveaway info: Extra details if you feel you need to explain:
I give PH permission to post photos from my shop (Type agree):
I will mail prize within 1 week of receiving winner information (Type agree):
I will have no control over the selection of who wins (Type agree):
I agree that the date PH & I agree on could be delayed 3 days in event of emergency (Type agree):
Other links youd like posted in the feature (twitter, blog etc):
Anything else you think PH should know?: